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Implementing Undo in ASP.NET WebForms and MVC

Pluralsight – Implementing Undo in ASP.NET WebForms and MVC
There’s loads of advice out there recommending that you implement an Undo feature in your website instead of popping up warning messages to protect users from “dangerous” operations. But there’s not a lot of advice out there for how to actually go about doing this in ASP.NET, in either WebForms or MVC. In this course, Keith Brown walks you through his implementation of undo at to help you get a feel for how you might implement such a feature in your own website.

Table of content

  • Implementing Undo in ASP.NET Web Forms
    • Introduction
    • Before Undo
    • Remember the Milk
    • Exploring the POST REDIRECT GET pattern
    • Exploring IUndoProvider
    • Writing an Undo Command
    • Using the Undo Provider Factory
    • Registering a Command: Interaction Diagram
    • Undo ID handoff: Interaction Diagram
    • Handling BeginRequest in Global.asax
    • Adding an Undo Panel
    • Watching Undo work in WebForms
    • Security considerations
  • Undo Infrastructure
    • Undo infrastructure interfaces
    • Undo command registration implementation
    • Handling BeginRequest
    • Exploring the UndoPanel
    • Testing the Undo provider
    • Using a BinaryFormatter to serialize Undo commands
  • Polymorphic Serialization Strategies
    • The magic of .NET serialization
    • Brittle serialization
    • The XmlSerializer – a less brittle approach
    • Introducing the XmlStringSerializer
    • Deserializing and the Type Registry
    • Refactoring does not break deserialization
    • Summary
  • Implementing Undo in ASP.NET MVC
    • Using a new repository
    • Testing with two different repositories
    • Undo in MVC: watch it work
    • Revisiting the Undo provider factory
    • Implementing an Undo panel in MVC using a partial view
    • Implementing an Undo controller
    • Summary   


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