Saturday, October 4, 2014

ASP.NET MVC Scaffolding

Each version of ASP.NET MVC has seen an increase in developer productivity features. However, that reaches a whole new level with the addition of MVC Scaffolding. Whether you are an MVC newbie or an experienced MVC developer looking for an increase in productivity, MVC Scaffolding has something for you. This course will start with the basics and then dive into more advanced features of MVC Scaffolding that will allow you to develop applications with shocking speed, customized to the specific needs of your application. MVC Scaffolding is absolutely a tool that every MVC developer should have in their toolbox!

Table of content

  • Introduction to MVC Scaffolding
    • Overview
    • Default UI Dialog
    • Scaffolding Workflow
    • Mastering the Command Line
    • One-to-Many Relationships
    • Scaffolding Actions and Unit Tests
    • Summary
  • Customizing MVC Scaffolding
    • Introduction
    • Scaffolding Package Structure
    • Understanding Scaffolders
    • Customizing View Templates
    • Customizing Controller Templates
    • Diving Deeper on View Templates
    • Diving Deeper on Scaffolders
    • Summary
  • Custom Scaffolders
    • Introduction
    • Creating Custom Scaffolder
    • Using built-in T4Scaffolding Scaffolders
    • Using built-in T4Scaffoldering Commandlets
    • Packaging Custom Scaffolder
    • Customizing Scaffolding Environment
    • Summary   


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