Monday, October 28, 2013

Dev Apps C# 2008: Enterprise, Mobile, and Security

LearnNowDev – Dev Apps C# 2008: Enterprise, Mobile, and Security
This course moves your development skills even further beyond the basics, starting with learning how to extend Visual Studio 2008 and handling issues you will encounter with multiple versions of assemblies and applications. You will learn to create and debug Windows services, and how to create and test applications for Windows Mobile devices. You will become expert working with XML, reading and writing data using the XML DOM and the XML reader/writer classes. Visual Studio 2008 adds new data-related features—you will learn about these new features, and also how to create new custom controls, secure applications, and create setup applications so you can deploy your solutions. You will finish by learning how to analyze code at runtime using attributes and reflection, and how to use the new Visual Studio 2008 client application services.

C++ Advanced Topics

Pluralsight – C++ Advanced Topics

Once you know the basic of C++ syntax and what the Standard Library offers you, it’s time to establish whether you’re writing good code or not. Modern C++ is expressive, readable, fast, and secure. In most cases the faster thing to do is also the easier thing to do and the safer thing to do – no tradeoffs! In this course you’ll draw on your C++ Fundamentals knowledge to explore a number of ways to ensure your applications are implemented in Modern C++, not C-With-Classes or other old-style idioms. You’ll take advantage of the Standard Library and write code that is future proof and safe.

C# Design Strategies

This production is In Process which means we are actively recording new episodes. There are 10-12 episodes planned, currently, but there might be more. In this advanced series, Jon Skeet (of Stack Overflow fame) dives into various strategies and patterns you might want to consider when building your application. Topics covered include core Gang of Four design patterns such as the Singleton, Strategy, State and others as well as good habits such as using interfaces, Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control.
Rob and Jon have a habit of going off on small tangents – and we have a habit of recording what Jon goes off on. In addition to the core episodes, we’ll also be releasing outtakes – such as Jon writing his own IoC container from scratch!
This is an advanced series and understanding of C# and how it works is a very good idea.

Professional C# Part2

Video2Brain – Professional C# Part2
Learning object-oriented programming is an obstacle that many beginning developers struggle with, and for good reason: It involves getting your head around a whole new approach to solving problems. In this workshop, professional developer Edward Tanguay teaches you object-oriented programming in a unique way. He introduces a real-world problem and shows two approaches to it, one object-oriented and one not. The non-object-oriented approach works at the beginning, but then you see as you progress along this path that adding features becomes increasingly difficult. Then he shows you the object-oriented approach, and you see how the structure of the code is different and how this allows you to add new features with ease. You’ll also learn about new features of C# 4.0 such as the very welcome named and optional parameters as well as the fabulously simple new COM Interop feature to help you read and write Excel files from C#.

Professional C# Part1

Professional C#

The C# language has evolved tremendously over the past ten years and if you are going to master it you will need to learn many aspects of this rich technology. In this workshop, professional developer Edward Tanguay begins with the basics that you will recognize from other languages, such as if, switch, foreach, and so on. You will also learn about important concepts such as the heap and the stack, extension methods, and creating and consuming events. In the later parts of the workshop, Edward shows you more advanced features unique to C# such as extension methods, generics, and data access with LINQ. If you like, you can follow up this workshop with “Professional C#, Volume 2: Object-Oriented Programming & New Features in C# 4.0.”

Sunday, October 27, 2013

J2EE For Developers

J2EE For Developers
Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is Sun Microsystems’ platform for developing multi-tier enterprise applications. In the J2EE for Developers course from LearnKey, expert instructor Campbell Gunn shows anyone with basic programming experience how to build and deploy applications by assembling standardized components and providing component services using J2EE features like Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages and Enterprise JavaBeans. At the conclusion of this course, you will understand how J2EE works and how to build enterprise applications using the multi-tier model.

TekPub – Mastering C# 4.0 with Jon Skeet

Mastering C# 4.0
If you’re just learning Microsoft’s flagship language – or if you’ve been at it for years – this production will teach you a lot. Jon Skeet is well-known as the “Chuck Norris” of with inhuman skills when it comes to answering questions about C# 4.0. Tap his brain and learn the language like never before with our all-new series.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lynda - Data-Driven Presentations with Excel and PowerPoint

Learn how to drive your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with data straight from the source—Excel. Gini Courter first shows you how to use conditional formatting to highlight important data, summarize data with PivotTables, and visualize your data with sparklines and charts. Then learn how to leverage the linking and embedding features of Office to bring Excel tables and charts into PowerPoint. Gini then uses SmartArt to provide a conceptual framework in PowerPoint and animates the results. Finally, learn to create links from PowerPoint to Excel to fire up a workbook directly from a presentation. If you've wondered how to create compelling, data-driven presentations that always stay up to date, this course is for you.


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