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Shooting with the Canon 5D Mark III

Lynda – Shooting with the Canon 5D Mark III
In this course, photographer and author Ben Long details the features, controls, and options in the Canon 5D Mark III digital SLR. The course begins with an overview of what a digital SLR is and takes a tour of the camera’s basic components. Ben then discusses the camera’s basic operation: changing lenses, navigating the menus, shooting in automatic mode, reviewing and managing photos on the camera’s LCD screen, and transferring photos to a computer.
Next, the course introduces more advanced exposure options: program mode, exposure compensation, ISO adjustments, and more. After Ben briefly defines each option, he shows how to adjust it using the camera’s controls.
Ben also discusses white balance options, advanced metering and autofocus controls, flash, live view, and video shooting. The course ends with a chapter on maintenance, including sensor- and camera-cleaning and care tips.

Topics include:

  • What is a DSLR?
  • Attaching lenses
  • Powering up and down
  • Formatting the media card
  • Holding the camera
  • Shooting in the Auto and Program modes
  • Changing the ISO
  • Controlling autofocus and white balance
  • Using a self-timer
  • Working with the exposure control options
  • Activating Live View
  • Shooting video

Table of content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • What is an SLR?
    • A note for 5D Mark II users
    • Using this course
  • Getting to Know Your Canon SLR
    • Exploring basic camera anatomy
    • Attaching a lens to your camera
    • Examining batteries and media cards
    • Powering up
    • Exploring the menu system
    • Clearing all settings
    • Setting the date and time
    • Setting the language
    • Formatting the media card
    • Holding the camera
  • Shooting in Auto Mode
    • Setting Scene Intelligent Auto mode
    • Exploring the viewfinder display
    • Touring the LCD screen and the status display
    • Exploring the top-mounted control buttons
    • Autofocus basics
    • Metering basics
    • Reviewing images
    • Working with image playback
  • Shooting in Program Mode
    • Exploring Program mode
    • Working with exposure compensation
    • Using the lock switch
    • Revisiting metering
    • Changing the ISO
    • Looking at ISO speed settings
    • Exploring long exposure noise reduction
    • Exploring high ISO noise reduction
    • Using program shift
    • Exploring image format and size
    • Using the Info button
    • Examining level and grid display
    • Using the Quick Control screen
    • Setting the color space
    • Configuring multiple media cards
    • Using the feature guide
  • Controlling Autofocus
    • Exploring focus modes
    • Selecting autofocus areas
    • Exploring other autofocus options
    • Customizing servo auto focus
    • Exploring autofocus custom functions
    • Using manual focus
  • Controlling White Balance
    • Using auto white balance
    • Exploring white balance presets
    • Using manual white balance
  • Using Drive Mode and the Self-Timer
    • Exploring Drive mode
    • Using the self-timer
    • Using remote controls
  • Exposure and Control Options
    • Exploring metering modes
    • Using exposure lock
    • Working with focus points and metering
    • Exploring Aperture Priority mode
    • Using the depth of field preview button
    • Using Shutter Priority mode
    • Using Manual mode
    • Using auto exposure bracketing
    • Exploring Bulb mode
    • Working with the Auto Lighting Optimizer
    • Correcting lens aberration
    • Exploring Highlight Tone Priority
    • Understanding high-dynamic range (HDR)
    • Creating multiple exposures
    • Using the mirror lockup feature
  • More Playback Options
    • Modifying LCD brightness
    • Rotating images
    • Using the playback grid
    • Enabling AF point display
    • Rating images
    • Protecting and deleting images
    • Using Quick Control during playback
    • Exploring file numbering options
    • Creating folders
    • Changing file names
    • Adding copyright information
  • Shooting with Picture Styles
    • Defining picture styles
    • Exploring predefined picture styles
    • Adjusting predefined picture styles
    • Working with the monochromatic picture style
  • Using Live View
    • Activating Live View
    • Focusing in Live View
    • Focus manually in Live View
    • Working with aspect ratio
    • Exploring other Live View options
    • Reviewing the drawbacks to using Live View
  • Shooting Video
    • Shooting video in Auto and Program modes
    • Shooting video in Priority or Manual modes
    • Exploring movie playback
  • Customizing Menus and Functions
    • Exploring custom modes
    • Using the custom menu
    • Exploring custom controls
  • Custom Functions
    • What are custom functions?
    • Working with exposure level increments
    • Bracketing auto cancel
    • Changing the number of bracketed shots
    • Changing ISO speed setting increments
    • Exploring the Live View shooting area display
    • Enabling safety shift
    • Clearing all custom functions
  • Care and Maintenance
    • Camera and sensor cleaning
    • Using the Battery Info command
    • Looking at operating conditions and temperatures
    • Getting firmware updates
  • Shooting Examples
    • Exploring focus and composition
    • Using an exposure strategy
    • Controlling exposure through Program mode
  • Conclusion
    • Goodbye    


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