Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Photoshop Creative Effects and Filters

Video2Brain – Photoshop Creative Effects and Filters
“If you can imagine something,” says Tim Grey, “you can probably create it in Photoshop.” In this one of-a-kind workshop Tim puts his money where his mouth is by sharing his favorite techniques for using Photoshop’s effects and filters to create imaginative, out-of-the-ordinary images. He starts with simple things like black-and-white interpretations, monochromatic tints, vignettes, and film grain, then moves on to more dramatic effects like Surface Blur, Tilt-Shift Blur, Oil Paint. From there you’ll head into “wild territory” as Tim explores some experimental ways to stylize and distort your images.

Table of content

  • Creative Fundamentals
    • Adding a Single Filter
    • Using the Filter Gallery
    • Using Smart Filters
    • A Flexible Filter Workflow
  • Simple Effects
    • Creating an Ethereal Effect with Clarity
    • Creating a Black-and-White Interpretation of an Image
    • Adding a Monochromatic Tint Effect
    • Using a Gradient Map Preset
    • Creating a Gradient Map Preset
    • Adding a Vignette
    • Adding Film Grain
    • Over-Sharpening
    • HDR Tone Mapping
  • Basic Filter Effects
    • Creating a Filtered Edge Effect
    • Producing a Dreamy Look with Surface Blur
    • Iris Blur with a Twist
    • The Tilt-Shift Blur Effect
    • Creating an Oil Paint Effect
    • Adding Selective Motion Blur
    • Adding Lens Flare
    • Adding a Lighting Effect
    • Adding an Ethereal Glow
  • Slightly Wild Effects
    • Applying a Wild Curve
    • Playing with Blend Modes
    • Creating a Painterly Effect with Find Edges
    • Creating a Sketch Effect
    • Crystallizing Pixels
    • Getting Extreme with Mezzotint
    • Solarize Effect
  • Distorting the Image
    • Smearing with Liquify
    • Going Fisheye with Polar Coordinates
    • Using the Spherize and Pinch Filters
    • Using the Ripple, Twirl, Wave, and ZigZag Filters
    • Getting Blocky with Mosaic
    • Creating Huge Pixels with Pointilize
    • Creating Tiles
    • Creating Blocks with Extrude
    • Mapping the Image with Trace Contour
    • Letting the Wind Blow Pixels  


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