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Joomla! 3 Essential Training

Lynda – Joomla! 3 Essential Training
In this course, Jen Kramer shows how to use Joomla! to build a website from scratch—all without a single line of code. Discover how to create and organize content, add menus and sidebars, change the look of the site with templates, control who creates and edits content, and much more. The course also shows you how to evaluate the quality of extensions, plugins, and templates and how to download and install them. Finally, Jen emphasizes the importance of backing up your Joomla! site, and explains how to create and store those backups.

Topics include:

  • What is Joomla!?
  • Completing Joomla! installation
  • Planning your website
  • Organizing content in Joomla!
  • Creating categories, articles, and menus
  • Formatting text and images
  • Using modules and components
  • Identifying and installing good-quality third-party extensions and templates
  • Supporting multiple languages with Joomla!
  • Managing users and their permissions
  • Changing the look of the site with templates
  • Launching your site

Table of content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • Using the exercise files
    • Understanding Joomla!
    • Planning your website
    • Understanding Joomla’s release cycle and versions
  •  Installing Joomla!
    • Understanding the installation process
    • Running Joomla! locally vs. running Joomla! on a web host
    • Web hosting overview
    • Installing Joomla! 3.0
    • Restoring the site from a backup using the jump-in files
  • A General Overview of Joomla!
    • A quick tour of the Joomla! interface
    • Exploring responsive design in Joomla!
    • Modifying the global configuration
    • Using the Media Manager
    • Creating content in Joomla!
  • Creating Categories
    • Creating categories for your site
    • Publishing, unpublishing, and trashing categories
  • Creating Articles and Basic Formatting
    • Creating individual articles
    • Formatting articles
    • Adding an external link
    • Adding article images
    • Using Read More
    • Exploring featured articles and pages
    • Publishing, unpublishing, and trashing articles
  • Creating Menus for Your Site
    • Understanding and configuring menus
    • Linking an article to the menu
    • Understanding parent and children menu items
    • Configuring Category Blogs
    • Advanced Category Blog configuration
    • Configuring Category Lists
    • Advanced Category List configuration
    • Creating a featured blog for the News page and configuring the homepage 10m 19s
    • Publishing, unpublishing, and trashing menu items
    • Creating a new menu and a login link, and displaying the menu in the footer
    • Creating menu aliases
    • Reordering menu items
    • Adding products, moving the main menu, and configuring a dropdown menu
    • Configuring secondary navigation
  • Advanced Article Formatting
    • Linking to a PDF or other document
    • Dividing and formatting long articles using page breaks and the Pagebreak plugin
    • Customizing which HTML tags are permitted by changing the text filter in Joomla!
    • Adding a YouTube video to an article
    • Using article-specific images and links
    • Styling images with bootstrap classes
  • Setting Display Options
    • Setting global configuration options for articles
    • Setting menu display options
    • Comparing page headings, article titles, and browser page titles
    • Turning off the homepage heading
    • Configuring the back-end and front-end article administrator screens and options
  • Using Modules
    • Configuring modules
    • Creating a search module
    • Creating a custom HTML module
    • Modifying the breadcrumb module
    • Creating a random image module
    • Including a module in an article using loadposition
    • Exploring administrator modules and turning on the Joomla! version
  • Using Components
    • Using the content component
    • Using the contact component
    • Formatting the contact page
    • Configuring CAPTCHA for a form
    • Creating a contact list
    • Formatting the contact list
    • Using the weblinks component
    • Using the redirect component
  • Using Templates
    • Changing the look of the site using templates
    • Setting the default template style and assigning template styles
    • Creating new template styles
    • Adjusting template masters with the HTML and CSS editors
    • Adding an editor.css style sheet for access to certain classes in TinyMCE
    • Introducing the Hathor admin template
    • Customizing the Isis admin template
    • Working with Joomla! templates from third-party providers
  • Creating a Website with Multiple Languages
    • Multilanguage site overview and configuration
    • Downloading and installing the Italian language pack
    • Creating the Italian content language
    • Adjusting category structures for multiple languages
    • Creating Italian language articles and adjusting English articles
    • Creating the English menu and a universal homepage
    • Changing menu modules on the site
    • Creating the Italian menu
    • Creating Italian and English template styles
    • Creating the language switcher module
    • Enabling the Language Filter system plugin
    • Debugging with the multilanguage status module
    • Turning off WAMP error reporting
  •  Access Control List (ACL) Essentials
    • Introduction to ACL
    • Exploring default groups in Joomla!
    • Creating a user
    • Exploring default access levels
    • Configuring content for users behind a login
    • Configuring content for guest access
    • Configuring user registration and user options
    • Configuring a logout button
    • Configuring a better login screen and adding an Edit Profile button
    • Extending user profiles
    • Working with user notes
  • Extending Joomla! 3
    • Evaluating extensions in the Joomla! Extensions Directory
    • Installing and creating a backup with Akeeba Backup
    • Installing and creating a site map with Xmap
    • Upgrading extensions
  • Launching Your Site and Beyond
    • Preparing a site for launch
    • Launching a site
    • Placing a site in offline mode and changing the offline image
    • Thinking about site maintenance and front-end editing
    • Understanding the importance of backups and coordinating backups with a web host
    • Updating your Joomla! site and the Joomla! update notification
  • Joomla! 3.0.2 Update
    • Working with language overrides
    • Working with multilingual associations
  • Joomla! 3.1.5 Update
    • Upgrading your site to Joomla! 3.1.5 (New)
    • Upgrading your Joomla! extensions (New)
    • Introducing tagging (New)
    • Displaying tagged items on the menu (New)
  • Conclusion
    • Next steps    


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