Monday, September 8, 2014

iPad for Business

Lynda – iPad for Business
Stay productive on the go with an iPad that’s configured to help you get work done—wherever you are. Christopher Breen, senior editor at Macworld, shows you how to configure and organize your iPad so it’s useful for work and for play. He outlines how to connect to your email and company calendar, log into VPN to access servers at work, store passwords, and sync data between the iPad, your regular computer, and the cloud. Plus, learn how to edit Office documents with iPad-compatible apps, create and run presentations, and secure your iPad so that your data is protected and recoverable in the case of the unthinkable: your iPad is lost or stolen!
This course was created and produced by Chris Breen. We are honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:

  • Typing and dictating on the iPad
  • Setting up an Exchange account
  • Organizing and syncing contacts, events, and email
  • Using iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox
  • Giving presentations with the iPad
  • Backing up your data
  • Locating and wiping a lost iPad

Table of content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
  • Typing and Dictating
    • Typing tips
    • Using an external keyboard
    • Voice dictation
  • Configuring the Business iPad
    • Setting up an Exchange account
    • Configuring the iPad to use VPN
    • Working with the iPad’s security settings
    • Storing and accessing passwords
  • Organizing Your Information
    • Organizing and syncing contacts
    • Organizing and syncing events
    • Using alarms in different time zones
    • Organizing and syncing email
    • Syncing documents to the iPad
  • Managing Documents and Data
    • Using iCloud
    • Using Google Drive
    • Using Dropbox
    • Accessing an FTP server
  • Working with Documents
    • Working with Office documents
    • GoodReader
  • Attending Meetings
    • Note taking made easy
    • Recording voice memos and meetings
    • Attending remote meetings
  • Giving Presentations
    • Using Keynote
    • Projecting your presentation
  • Securing Your iPad
    • Backing up your data
    • Locating a lost iPad
    • Wiping the iPad’s content
    • Additional security measures
  • Conclusion
    • Conclusion     


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