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CSS: Formatting Visual Data

Lynda – CSS: Formatting Visual Data
Having a complete toolbox at your disposal to properly structure and display data is critically important to a successful web design. In this course, author Joseph Lowery covers basic styling for numbered, bulleted, and definition lists, plus structuring and formatting tables with CSS. He also includes instructions on creating charts and graphs with the HTML5 Canvas element. Each section of the course highlights advanced CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript techniques that increase interactivity, yield responsive designs, and heighten the user experience.

Topics include:

  • Adding custom number characters to lists
  • Managing hanging indents
  • Styling nested lists
  • Understanding definition lists
  • Highlighting table content
  • Creating alternating row colors (zebra stripes)
  • Building bar graphs and pie charts

Table of content     

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • Using the exercise files
  • Basic List Styling
    • Numbering options
    • Adding custom number characters
    • Bullet options
    • Replacing bullets with custom graphics
    • Managing hanging indents
    • Styling nested lists
  • Styling Definition Lists
    • Understanding definition lists
    • Styling multiple terms
    • Boxing up definition lists
  • Styling Tables
    • Styling table captions
    • Using and
    • Highlighting table content
    • Creating alternating row colors
    • Identifying and styling columns
    • Building responsive tables
  • Creating Charts and Graphs with Canvas
    • Building bar charts
    • Creating pie charts
    • Overlaying Venn diagrams
  • Conclusion
    • Next steps    


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