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Applied Responsive Design

Lynda – Applied Responsive Design
Following the concepts introduced in Responsive Design Fundamentals, senior author James Williamson demonstrates the practical applications of responsive design and shows how to enrich the appearance and behavior of your website across multiple devices. First, discover how to plan your design and take advantage of CSS media queries to create multiple layouts. Then make your site navigation respond to changing screen sizes with CSS and jQuery, and display media like images and video fluidly. Plus, discover how to take advantage of mobile capabilities like touch events and HTML5 forms to enhance the experience of mobile visitors. James also shows how to effectively manage resources and optimize the performance of your site.

Topics include:

  • Creating mockups
  • Structuring page regions
  • Defining default styles and media queries
  • Building desktop, tablet, and mobile layouts
  • Structuring and styling menus
  • Dynamically replacing menus
  • Creating a responsive image gallery
  • Adding phone functionality
  • Testing responsive sites

Table of content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • Using the exercise files
    • Exploring the finished project
  • Planning Responsive Designs
    • Content planning
    • Creating mockups
    • Planning responsive UX
    • Structuring page regions
    • Structuring content for multiple devices
  • Building Responsive Layouts
    • Controlling the viewport
    • Defining default styles
    • Determining content breakpoints
    • Defining media queries
    • Building the basic desktop layout
    • Building the basic tablet layout
    • Building the basic mobile layout
    • Refining desktop layouts
    • Refining tablet layouts
    • Refining mobile layouts
  • Responsive Navigation
    • Defining a responsive navigation strategy
    • Structuring basic menus
    • Styling basic menus
    • Using CSS sprites in menus
    • Structuring complex menus
    • Using jQuery for menu behavior
    • Responding to changes in screen size
    • Minimizing menus for small screens
    • Expanding submenus through touch
    • Replacing hover styling with touch
    • Resetting menus for large screens
    • Preventing conflicts
    • Providing fallbacks
    • Dynamically replacing menus
    • Converting menus to select elements
    • Converting select elements to menus
  • Creating Responsive Media
    • Creating fluid images
    • Making video fluid
    • Using CSS in place of images
    • Image gallery overview
    • Structuring a responsive image gallery
    • Controlling gallery styling
    • Adding image gallery functionality
  • Enhancing Sites for Mobile
    • HTML5 form inputs
    • Adding phone functionality
    • Adding home screen icons
  • Managing Resources
    • Modernizr and Respond.js overview
    • Loading resources with Modernizr
    • Conditional resource loading
    • Testing responsive sites
  • Conclusion
    • Additional resources  


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