Monday, October 28, 2013

Professional C# Part1

Professional C#

The C# language has evolved tremendously over the past ten years and if you are going to master it you will need to learn many aspects of this rich technology. In this workshop, professional developer Edward Tanguay begins with the basics that you will recognize from other languages, such as if, switch, foreach, and so on. You will also learn about important concepts such as the heap and the stack, extension methods, and creating and consuming events. In the later parts of the workshop, Edward shows you more advanced features unique to C# such as extension methods, generics, and data access with LINQ. If you like, you can follow up this workshop with “Professional C#, Volume 2: Object-Oriented Programming & New Features in C# 4.0.”

Table of content

·        Basic Programming
·         Â Decision Statements: if and switch
·         Iteration Statements: foreach, for, while, do/while
·         Creating Custom Types
·         The Heap and the Stack
·         Extension Methods
·         Consuming and Creating Events

·        Â Generic Variable Types
·         Generic List (List<T>)
·         Generic Stack (Stack<T>)
·         Generic Queue (Queue<T>)
·         Generic Dictionary (Dictionary<TKey, TValue>)

·        Â LINQ and Data Access
·         LINQ to Objects
·         Creating XML with LINQ
·         Reading XML from Files and Strings with LINQ
·         LINQ to SQL


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